Connecting communities in need with temporary accommodation services following displacement from their homes after a Civil Defence Emergency.

Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) activates in response to significant civil defence emergencies that displace people from their damaged homes for longer than 2 weeks, such as an earthquake, flood or cyclone.

TAS is temporary support for those who have been displaced from their damaged homes and are working towards returning home or waiting to confirm the specific circumstances for their home.

If TAS is activated in your region, you can register for temporary accommodation support.

Registration process

If you or your property is in immediate danger, dial 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

If you need emergency shelter in the immediate aftermath of an emergency event, contact your local civil defence group for support:

Find your civil defence group - Civil defence

If you require temporary accommodation because of displacement unrelated to a civil defence emergency, or if TAS is not currently active in your region, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) may be able to help.

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Register for temporary accommodation support in your region

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