There is a cost for all temporary accommodation options. The cost for temporary accommodation is based on 90% of the lower quartile market rent for the region and therefore will differ based on what region you are in. The part payment covers part of the cost for the accommodation you are currently staying in; the remaining cost of the accommodation is covered by TAS.

TAS understands natural disasters are significant events that have a big impact and can cause stress for many households. We are committed to working with you to try and ensure you do not face financial hardship as a result of these events. There are a variety of financial assistance options available across government agencies.

Part Payment Waivers and Reductions through TAS

TAS remains committed to working with households to ensure that part payments do not cause undue financial hardship to families. In some cases, part payment reductions or waivers may be appropriate. Households who are facing financial hardship can speak with their Matching and Placement coordinator around the eligibility and process for this.

Work and Income

Support from Work and Income includes:

The Check what you might get tool(external link) — Work and Income

Help with

Temporary Accommodation Assistance (TAA)

Temporary Accommodation Assistance is administered by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). It’s available to support some homeowners who are having to pay for both mortgage as well as rental accommodation costs. Their insurance cover for rental accommodation also needs to be ending soon. Learn more at:

Temporary Accommodation Assistance(external link) — Work and Income

Applications opened 21 August

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