Register with us

If you were living in a house that was damaged by a natural disaster, complete the registration form on the home page.

We activate the Temporary Accommodation Service in consultation with the National Emergency Management Agency. If we haven’t activated for the event you are affected by and you need help, contact your local civil defence centre.


We’ll get in touch

A temporary accommodation team member will be in touch within two working days to discuss your eligibility and needs.


We’ll guide you to find the right place for you

We will help you identify and source temporary accommodation options that will suit your household. Options may include existing undamaged residential housing stock, tourist accommodation, or portable cabins. In major events we have even built villages and communities. We can also connect you with other services to help you get your house back up and running.

Our coordinators have helped other households find the right temporary accommodation for them and can guide you through the process. However you maintain control of deciding what works best for your household.


How much will it cost?

The Temporary Accommodation Service is not income or asset tested, but there generally is a cost to access temporary accommodation options. Check your insurance policy as some insurers will help you cover temporary accommodation and associated costs.

If you are uninsured, or your insurance policy doesn’t cover temporary accommodation, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Our coordinators can direct you to agencies providing financial assistance for the event that has damaged your home.

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